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Properties that aren’t adequately furnished on Airbnb can lead to a loss of rental income. Here are some of our best furnishing tips for your Airbnb property to be able to out list your competitors. Hostmybnb also offers full furnishings for every budget.

The Oaks apartment as seen below has some pretty dated cookie cutter furnishings, our real and transformative images below is an example of some of the things you can do to bring your place to life.

  • Airbnb Guests don’t want to feel like they are just entering a copy cat hotel room, otherwise, they would just book a hotel room. Try and include pieces that are unique to the area or to the historic significance of the property
  • Space, utilise it but minimalizing furnishings. When we get a call to update furnishings we often times see a lot of clutter from owners who hold on to old furniture. It can really diminish the value and space. We have special deals with suppliers that we use specifically to get the most value out of your furnishing dollar.

Side by side professional photograph of our furnished apartment at the Oaks. 

By removing the dining table and the work desk we opened up the space and made the kitchen island functional with two comfortable bar stools.

  • In a small space, a large mirror creates a visual illusion. Not only does it draw the eye up, it also bounces light around the room, making any space appear larger and brighter. Mirror frames also need to be considered as our frame here matches the Industrial lamp which is one of the centerpieces.
  • Guests Generally spend most of their time in the bedrooms, make sure you have black out blinds sojet-laggedd legged guests can sleep anytime during their stay. Furnishings should match the decor, depending on the style you don’t want any unsavory prints and bold colors that will turn your guests off

  • Drab Bedroom? Hanging unique art pieces over the bed not only offers a focal point that breaks up the bedroom but can add another dimension to the apartment.
  • Maximize your beds to increase rental income. For example, have a futon or pull out couch in the living room. Also, include two single beds in a spare room. These can be pushed together to accommodate two kids or a couple.
  • Make sure you have high-quality linens and bedding, provide different types of pillows and throws so guests can mix and match as Guests spend most of their time in bed, you should make it as comfortable as possible.
  • Show off all kitchen appliances and utensils that will be offered to guests in photos so that they can see what amenities they will have.

  • The first thing that people need in the morning is a quick pick me up, so making sure you have enough tea and coffee that would cover the duration of their stay. We usually recommend capsule coffee pods for the properties that you want to provide a higher level of service. Make sure there are plenty of creams and sugars to go around
  • Another super-cheap idea that works well in tiny spaces is to display your tea towels. They come in so many patterns, colors and styles, it’s literally impossible not to find one that would work for your kitchen. Once you have found a few designs you are happy with, look for napery and oven mitts that fit into the style of the space.
  • Make sure you get as many cups and wine glasses along with a few spares as needed by the maximum capacity of your guests in the property with a few more for possible friends and entertaining.

Pro tip: Furnished properties can not only get a higher traditional long term rental income but can also help to increase the value of the property without paying a staging company. 

  • Couch’s should not only be comfortable but durable as the sofa is the main piece in a living room, you want to it fit the design and function of a living room. These pieces should never be beige or white as it will quickly look weathered and used. Reholster couches and getting them professionally cleaned can be a great way to breathe new life into the living room.
  • Our Airbnb Furnishing team can help you furnish your property in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Contact our live chat or contact us here


Floating Shelves also gives your Airbnb property some sense of space and allows for easy cleanup

  • While it’s essential to squeeze as much seating, don’t overdo it – adding too many sofas or large ottomans makes your room feel smaller. They’re handy, decorative and easily rearranged, while the upholstered ottoman can be used as a footrest, coffee table or extra seating

Pro tip provide extra sockets and USB chargers in both the bedrooms and the living areas.


An L-shaped sofa not only provides extra seating, it separates the living and dining spaces. To avoid clutter in this compact zone, the wall-mounted console has a floating effect; it actually makes the thoroughfare seem wider and, most importantly, sweeping underneath is a breeze.


Focus your money on where the guests can get the most value, understand what your guests are coming in for. Business travelers just want plenty of work space, fast wifi, and ease of check in and check out. Families with kids might want more entertainment Netflix and games. Our  Hostmybnb full hosting services can help you maximize your rental on your property while you do nothing.


Pro Tip : Leave plenty of hallway space from the front door to the room(s) so that baggage doesn’t bang against walls and furniture.


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The cost of furniture can vary in price and is the capital cost that is required before putting your property for rent so understanding your objective can help you budget what price you are willing to spend on furnishing your Airbnb short term rental property.

Before you get started with what sort of furnishings you require. Consider some of these questions: How long do you intend to keep the property for and what the investment objective is.

  • Hybrid Vacation and Owner Occupied 

If this property is used as a holiday home, you need to consider the wear and tear of the items and how easy it is for something to break, stain or replace. Ask yourself what personalized items that you want that might need to be removed or put away when you leave the property.

  • Investment Home

Choosing the right furnishings that can last and help add to value to the home is not only important for Airbnb guests but to the aesthetics of the home when it comes time to sell. Good quality furnishing can go a long way in increasing the value of your property and your guests.

If it’s purely used for short term rentals, the furnishings should reflect that. We will give you some of designer tips and tricks below.


We are passionate about all things Airbnb and short term rentals as well as helping you manage your property contact one of our Airbnb property managers in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.Our furnishing packages is perfect for every budget. Contact one of our super host agents for a free consult and see how we can help you furnish your Airbnb property.



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